Complete Guide for Job Seekers in Dubai & UAE

UAE has emerged as a global hub for business, commerce, and tourism, attracting people from around the globe seeking employment opportunities. According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report in the UAE report, Dubai’s job market has been getting diverse, which means that industries such as security and investigation, marketing and advertising, and hospitality are actively seeking […]

How to Make a CV for a Driver Job in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s most popular and most lavish city. It has a dynamic and thriving cityscape, which automatically attracts thousands of people across the globe. Due to the increasing rate of tourism, the pulse of progress is felt on every road, which has led to the demand for skilled and professional drivers to […]

Creating an ATS-Optimized Freshers’ Resume for Dubai Employers

Dubai is considered a business hub of the world; it is a metropolis where career aspirations meet the dynamic landscape of the job market. Therefore, crafting a resume that resonates with employers is an essential first step for fresh graduates. In this age of digitalization, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become the gatekeepers to coveted […]

Complete Guide on How to Find Urgent Job Vacancies in Dubai

The UAE Report of LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report stated that Dubai’s job market is getting more diverse each day. Industries like security and investigation, marketing and advertising, hospitality, etc. are emerging and thriving in Dubai. This has ultimately opened doors of opportunities for thousands of employees from across the globe. Since Dubai has become a […]

Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

In the past couple of years, Dubai has emerged as the top choice for young individuals from Asia, the Arab region, and Africa in terms of employment opportunities. If we date back around 15 years, Dubai has focused on its development since then, and today it has established itself as a global economic powerhouse.  The […]

The Art of Listing Work Experience on Your CV

The work experience section of a CV is considered to be the make-or-break section, as it relatively holds the greatest importance in accordance with other sections. The reason this section is considered to be the most significant is that when the recruiter wants to know whether you are the right fit for the job or […]

ATS Format Resume for UAE

Applicant Tracking System-friendly resume has become a must in today’s job market. Companies get hundreds of thousands of CVs for each position, and they don’t have much time to go through all of them. To save recruiters’ time, the Applicant Tracking System has been introduced. What is an Applicant Tracking System? The Applicant Tracking System, […]

Email Format for Sending CV

Nowadays, with the increase in technology, applying for positions has become quite easy. Platforms like LinkedIn have made the job search process quite simple and easy to understand. However, apart from these platforms, emails are still considered a relevant and professional way to send CVs to recruiters. Many recruiters still prefer job-seekers to email job […]

Highest Paying Jobs in UAE – Planning Your Career in UAE

UAE has become a business hub that has opened numerous opportunities for people across the globe. In this era, a higher salary is everyone’s requirement, especially with UAE being a part of the world that is not only filled with vibrant destinations, but is also quite expensive. The popular belief about UAE has changed; in […]

Perks of Having a Chronological CV

Selecting the appropriate format is a crucial element of crafting a CV. In fact, the format alone can make or break your chances of being called for an interview. However, determining which format to choose can be challenging, especially if your work history is not straightforward. Familiarizing yourself with each format will help ensure you […]