CV Writing Service Importance in UAE

Why getting a CV writing service in UAE is your best option to land a Job!

In today’s competitive world where jobs are scarce, and candidates are over abundant. UAE emerged as a leader in hiring international talent. People flock to Dubai for jobs from all over the world including some of the most developed countries in the world such as USA and even UK.

The charm is that UAE became a hub for global tourism, and this resulted in a lot of jobs which the local talent pool could not provide. Companies started expat programs and global talent was attracted and pulled towards the UAE job market, Dubai standing out as the key employment space in UAE followed by Abu Dhabi. The 90’s and 2000’s saw an explosion in UAE’s economic growth and Dubai became a hotspot for world tourist. Companies and organizations started having their branch offices in Dubai as well. But since 2012 the dynamics of UAE job market has changed.

Job Scene in UAE

When people from around the world initially started applying and pouring into UAE, their profiles were written by the recruitment agencies hiring them, they had a simple CV template and they used to mainly gather very basic data from laborers and forward it for work authorization and those kind of requirements. People getting into managerial positions either already had very polished CV’s or they used to get CV writing service from their home countries before applying to the UAE job market. However, these people were mostly told to edit their CV’s as the UAE recruiters and employers needed different information from these candidates which was sometimes unheard of or even illegal in their countries, hence this need gave rise to CV writing services in UAE and mainly Dubai. CV writers operating out of UAE understood the labor department requirements and the international requirements attached with a CV writing service. When these needs started blooming many companies incorporated as CV writing companies operating for UAE job market. Most of the time it was difficult to operate in the UAE job market hence these companies had offices in companies from Asia or USA.

CV writing companies in UAE

In the beginning, some companies started offering CV writing services locally, but it turned out that they were unable to make a profit out of it, because CV writing can be a tedious task. Most of the companies operating locally either shut down their business or outsourced their CV writing services to countries like India, where cheap services are always available. Indian online resources are some of the cheapest resources and sometimes come under the attack of freelancer industry as well because they are willing to sell out on the lowest price, often times ruining the entire market for their fellow workers.

At this point if you do a basic Google search, you would find that the top ten CV writing companies in UAE are either US based or UK based. And they charge a hefty price for this. A local CV writing service in UAE is difficult to locate at this point and even if you do find a company which is local it is almost guaranteed that they will be outsourcing their CV writing services. Most of the time these companies are professional in their approach, but they face a daunting challenge in convincing the customers that they can deliver on their promise.

How is it different from the rest of the world

CV writing services in UAE are very different from how it is approached in the rest of the world. Normally people would opt for CV or Resume Writing services from their home country but getting to know experts who are familiar with UAE job market requirements and how to write a CV for getting Jobs in Dubai can be tricky. You have to make sure that your CV writing service provider has experience in the UAE job market or not? Just a brief example with comparison for how CV or Resume writing is different from other countries, we take USA and UAE comparison. A CV writing company operating in USA will make sure that there are no pictures or images attached in the your CV or Profile because it is against the law to put picture on the CV because culturally it is believed that it can discriminate and result in recruiter bias. But in UAE because a lot of people are coming from all over the world having a picture in the CV is a necessity because it is also an identification and proof that the person is the same as is on the VISA and so on. So here you can see that such a small factor can be a very deciding factor in getting an expert resume writer who has experience in the UAE market. Hence preferably you should always opt for professional CV writing services in UAE who has market experience.

What kind of CV writing service is best?

To answer this briefly:

The best kind of CV writing service would be the one which is offering the following

  • Good Prices
  • Market Knowledge of UAE
  • Design CV as per UAE market
  • Have strong knowledge of CV writing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are major cities of UAE
  • Have strong understanding of employers and recruitment agencies in UAE and understand their mindset
  • Have a great panel of CV writers for UAE market specifically
  • Have a great customer service team

These are some of the key points which you should consider when looking for a reliable CV writing service in UAE. This can prove to be foolproof.

Future of CV writing in UAE

The future of CV writing depends on the job market in the UAE, currently there is a strong competition as the economy of UAE has taken a toll. However, talent is always needed, and a good written CV can be your ultimate key to success in landing interview calls leading to jobs in UAE, and a good CV or Resume writing company can help you in achieving this.


We discussed the key reasons of why jobs became fruitful in UAE and how the entire world flocked to UAE and Dubai in general for jobs. People who had professionally written CV’s were at an advantage and still if you get a good CV, plus you know how to ace in interviews you stand at a very good chance of landing that job which you always dream about.

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