Highest Paying Jobs in UAE – Planning Your Career in UAE

UAE has become a business hub that has opened numerous opportunities for people across the globe. In this era, a higher salary is everyone’s requirement, especially with UAE being a part of the world that is not only filled with vibrant destinations, but is also quite expensive.

The popular belief about UAE has changed; in earlier times it was known as an oil-based economy, but today, it has become a free-trade economy that attracts thousands of high-paying jobs, and thousands of employees.

With such a massive economy, UAE’s lifestyle is also something to talk about. Hotels, restaurants, desert safari, shopping centers, malls, monuments, gardens, islands, and more can be found in this country. To enjoy your fullest of the lavish lifestyle of UAE, you have to earn accordingly too.

With such a booming economy, UAE has become a magnet for multinational corporations, and the job market is expanding day by day. With such rewarding salary packages, attractive benefits, and promising growth prospects, who wouldn’t want to land a job in UAE?

Highest Paying Jobs in UAE

Well, look no further, here are a few highest paid jobs in the UAE. These jobs fall into many major sectors, including legal, health care, marketing, and finance.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Salary Range: AED75,500 – AED135,000
Average Monthly Salary: AED100,000
Description: Every company has a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) whose main responsibility is to oversee the entire management and to handle all the issues that require decision-making. A CEO’s position is the highest position one can achieve when climbing the corporate ladder, and there is no higher position after that. As said earlier, a CEO is the one who makes all the decisions of the organization, from top to bottom, and their decisions affect the overall functions of a company. With such a risky job, the highest compensation is quite fair.

Public Relations Managing Director

Salary Range: AED80,000 – AED95,000
Average Monthly Salary: AED87,000
Description: The term Public Relations Managing Director is quite self-explanatory; it refers to handling client groups and determining the most effective forms of communication. The job might sound easy, but to acquire such a position you need to have many years of media and PR experience. A public relations managing director is responsible for maximizing brand awareness of the company on various channels and most importantly, as well as maintaining relationships with media and influential professionals.

Supply Chain Manager

Salary Range: AED75,000 – AED90,000
Average Monthly Salary: AED82,000
Description: As the name suggests, Supply Chain Managers manage the supply chain functions of a company. Supply Chain is considered to be the most important element of a business, as it involves all the processes related to the production and delivery of a product or service. From the production to the delivery of goods and services, everything comes under the radar of the supply chain. Supply chain management is critical to a brand’s success and therefore is very well-paid. To become a Supply Chain Manager, you need to have a degree in business or finance, plus several years of experience in the industry.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Salary Range: AED60,000 – AED90,000
Average Monthly Salary: AED78,500
Description: As we all know, without proper marketing activities, a company cannot survive in the industry, and a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) plays a key role in developing a company’s brand. In this digital era, marketing activities are not confined to traditional marketing channels, it has expanded its scope to digital channels as well, such as social media platforms, email, Google ads, SEO & SEM, website marketing, and so on. Marketing is not an easy job, an individual needs to stay with the current trends, implement customer satisfaction strategies, and have a high level of creativity. With such immense pressure, the salary of a Chief Marketing Officer is justified.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Salary Range: AED55,000 – AED90,000
Average Monthly Salary: AED75,000
Description: The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the highest position in the corporate world after Chief Executive Officer. A CFO is responsible for managing the company’s money, which includes scheduling, overseeing budgets, determining the spend vs. costs figures, and so on. All the finance-related matters of the company are handled by the CFO, and therefore a CFO must have vigorous financial knowledge. The job of a Chief Financial Officer comes with high pressure as they are responsible for making tough and risky decisions for the company. These decisions affect the company’s position in the industry.


Salary Range: AED70,000 – AED75,000
Average Monthly Salary: AED73,000
Description: Every company in this world needs legal advice and guidance at some point or another. Most multinational companies tend to hire in-house lawyers, so that all their operations and practices are aligned with the legislative system of the country. UAE is also known for its strict laws, and therefore to adhere to the laws, every company either has an in-house lawyer or is connected with any legal firm. With such a demand for lawyers in UAE, it is, however, a job that requires a high level of education and experience, which eventually makes it one of the highest-paying jobs in UAE.


Salary Range: AED47,000 – AED96,000
Average Monthly Salary: AED72,500
Description: Orthodontists in UAE are very well-paid, because of the nature of the job. It is a specialist branch of medicine where you need to perform services related to oral care. It is a job that comes under the field of dentistry, and that’s why these medical services are usually not covered by insurance. To become a well-known and highly qualified orthodontist you need to have a medical degree, extensive training, and relevant experience in the field, and these are just the minimum requirements to start your career as an orthodontist.

Wrapping Up

UAE is filled with opportunities and resources, and it is the best place in the world to live in. Use these resources and tools to your advantage and land your dream job.

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