Why Having a LinkedIn Profile is as important as a Resume?

Do you know that modern HR professional preferred LinkedIn profile?

Having a Resume is a must when applying for jobs, as it is a general practice to send the necessary information in a particular manner by compiling your personal and career-related details in a couple of pages to describe how you are a fit for the role applied for, this document is generally called a resume.

Now, since the inception of technology, many things have changed and so does the recruitment process as there is a good majority of recruiters who are using various social platforms notably LinkedIn to conduct a search for potential candidates in order to fulfil their organizational hiring needs. Also, it is important to understand the LinkedIn first before heading towards its main purpose, it is basically a professional networking service which was developed to offer employment-related service connecting professionals and organizations in a single platform to engage in employment-related affairs. The major purpose of its creation is to present a platform where job seekers and recruiters or organizations get along to explore mutual interests.

The Conventional Approach

Now, the conventional approach of job application requires resume but with the inclusion of LinkedIn in the market, things have changed a bit. The LinkedIn profile is itself an electronic resume, as it is designed in a way which presents all of the person`s data which are a necessary part of any resume. So, in order to keep up with the current market needs, a person should have an updated LinkedIn profile with all its information such as education, career history and skills etc.

At this point, you must be thinking like what was so special that recruiters and organizational are preferring LinkedIn instead of using traditional methods of inviting resumes for the very same purpose? Well, the answer is rather simple, LinkedIn is considered time-saving and more effective method as compared to the resume. Let`s say you are a Hiring Manager of XYZ company and you have to hire an Account Manager who has over 8 years of work experience along with a bachelor’s degree. Now, with the traditional way, you are going to have to advertise the vacant position which is also the same in the case of LinkedIn but the difference is that if you share a job post on LinkedIn, it has built-in feature of screening the eligible candidates, as for resume this process will have to done either using a software or a person resulting in consuming a lot more time and resources than the LinkedIn.

So, do you have a LinkedIn profile (account)?

If your answer is yes then you are welcome to skip otherwise you need to pay attention as this will help you to understand how to create a LinkedIn profile. You can easily create your own LinkedIn profile (account) within few minutes and all it takes is a few steps but the important part come afterwards, as the account creation is easy but creating a professional LinkedIn profile needs a lot of attention. One of the best and useful things about LinkedIn is that it already has a guide present on the profile page which asks you several questions answering them will create your profile eventually. When you are done putting all the essential details you will realize that you have made yourself a resume and you can easily market using various features and directly apply to jobs posted on or via LinkedIn.

How to stand out?

So, now you have a LinkedIn profile and you really want to create an impact and stand out from thousands of other users. Well, so does everybody, right? Of course, as humans we are ambitious but in this case, there come few technicalities which are indeed a great way to capture the recruiter’s eye. So, to make your profile standout means you want your profile to show up on higher ranking in search results meaning it would require placing content carefully and adding necessary details in key areas. The search engine optimization techniques also apply here and placing of career-specific keywords plays an important role in obtaining fruitful results.

Poorly Written Resume is a No Go!

You must have met several people who often complain about getting few or no response on their job applications and they must have shared that their resume was one not good enough to clear the screening phase. As far as LinkedIn profile is concerned, it too can go un-noticed if not given the required attention meaning if the person is not regularly updating their profile then it reduces the chances of getting any sort of attention from a recruiter as they prefer active candidates. So, the dynamics of both mediums are similar which should be carefully considered as even a little ignorance can get your application totally ignored or rejected.

There is a famous phrase that, “it`s never too late to start anything in life”. So, if you are realizing the importance of LinkedIn now then consider this as the perfect time, as you can always start today. Just to give a disclaimer here that, as much as the LinkedIn profile provides benefits, the importance of resume has its reputation which must be respected and should be undermined in any way, as it depends from organization to organization how they conduct their recruitment operations and might require the application with a resume, not the LinkedIn profile.

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