Including a Cover Letter with Professional Resume

You found a good job, wrote the perfect resume, and practiced for the interview but are lost when it comes to writing an impressive Cover Letter? Well, we got you so do not panic. First of all, if you are thinking of ditching the Cover Letter then you are wrong. You cannot let the cover letter go as it is really important to use one if you want to make a positive impact. With so much competition in every field, a cover letter might be your only chance to stand out from the rest of the candidates and make the hiring manager see that you might be the one they are looking for.

Here are some things you should consider before writing a cover letter plus some tips and tricks that will help you construct a Cover Letter than is guaranteed to land you an interview:

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is usually a one-page document that you sent in with your CV to the hiring manager. A cover letter is more personalized and you use the first-person tense form when writing it. The purpose of the Cover Letter is to summarize your experience and let the hiring manager know what you are looking for now and how you will be an asset to their company. While the CV focuses on your past achievements and experiences, a Cover Letter focuses on what your next objective is or the future. A CL should consist of 25o to 450 words, you should avoid making it too long as that might make the hiring manager lose interest.

Importance of Cover Letter

The hiring manager would view your Cover letter before he moves on to the CV and if he does not like something that he sees, he might not even give your CV a read. You have to make your Cover Letter convincing enough to make the hiring manager interested in reading your CV. A Good Cover Letter will set you apart from the other candidates in an overcrowded job market. You should always send in a Cover Letter even if it is not mentioned in the requirements.

Writing a Cover Letter can be tough since it has to be far away from general, here are some tips to make your Cover Letter stand out:


Before you start writing the Cover Letter, look up the company you are applying for on the internet. Doing research about the company before writing the letter will help you figure out what type of content they expect and what might impress them. You will also get to know if the culture is strict or not and then you can create the Cover Letter accordingly. Make sure you visit their LinkedIn profile and read employee reviews to better understand the company and its hiring process. Also, be sure to read the job description.

You can also try reaching out to the hiring manager or if you know anyone in the company. Just sent an email to them asking a question about the company and then you will be able to address this interaction in your Cover Letter by writing something like “Thank you for helping me with the…”. It will instantly make the Cover Letter more personalized.

Start out Strong

The hiring manager might not even read the whole Cover Letter so you have to start with a strong opening line. Although avoid writing cliched sentences because the chances are that the hiring manager is going through hundreds of cover letters daily. You can start with a sentence like “I am a professional Graphic Designer with 10+ years of extensive experience in developing creative content and strategies and I would love to bring my experience and skills to your growing department.” Do not beat around the bush by over-explaining everything, make your sentences precise and direct.

After this write a few sentences about your relevant professional experience but rewrite your entire resume here.

You can also take a strong approach by addressing the letter directly to the hiring manager, you might easily be able to find the name online. This would make twice the impact and convince the manager to think that you are more special than the rest of the candidates.

Sell your Personal Value and Skills

You must emphasize what you bring to the table and how you would be able to help the company in growing and developing. The hiring managers are usually looking for employees who will be able to solve their problems. You will be able to figure out the weak points of the company after you research them and then you can target those weaknesses in your Cover Letter to show the manager how you will be able to resolve them. However, do not mention them straight out and try being general with them for example, you can write something like “The marketing industry is going through a difficult phase ever since COVID broke out and the market saw a downfall…”, then mention how your experience of dealing with a similar problem by providing quantifiable data if possible. 

This will make the hiring manager see how you have the skills that the company requires. However, if you cannot have a relevant skill, you can mention something general like how you are good at easily adapting to changes and for the proof, you can mention how easily you shifted to online work requirements when COVID arrived.

Proofread and Get Feedback

Most of the professional CV writing services in UAE offer Cover Letter services as well and you can take help from them to curate a perfectly customized Cover Letter. However, if you are making one yourself then be sure to have a friend or an elder proofread it or take feedback from them. This will help you get a fresh new perspective about it and you will be able to identify the mistakes you have made and correct them. You can also ask them questions like “Does the cover letter integrate all that you have to offer?” or “Is the tone of the Cover Letter right or does it seem unprofessional?”

Never miss out on an opportunity to send in a Cover Letter whenever you can as it is your first chance to impress the hiring manager and it can help you make a unique impact. Make sure you format your Cover Letter accurately, use simple language, avoid jargon and focus on the future.

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