Career – Your Resume & Job Offer Response Time

Your response time to a job offers is as important as your resume

People value time as a precious commodity. Even when it comes to something as small as a pending online order, people tend to get impatient if the product is not received in a short period of time. A mentality like this is common in most people nowadays, including managers and recruiters.

Nowadays this mentality of receiving something as soon as it is asked for is popular among managers as this is how they view the process of employing people. This applies to a job search as well. When trying to find your place in the professional world. You need to make sure that you are doing all that you can at the fastest pace. You should be getting interview calls, job offers and appealing job opportunities as quick as you can. However, if this is not the situation that you are dealing with then you need to make some alterations to your attitude and your method of dealing with things. You need to adjust your priorities. A person who is sincerely in search of a job should not be content with his situation or be unable to decide what his actual goals are, especially in the contemporary professional climate. Once you are prepared to change your style of dealing with things and have started to accept the fact that you must transition, then you can go in and give it your best shot. Do not waste your time in any way whatsoever.

People in the world of academics usually have the luxury of a comparatively slower pace. In between submitting your application, getting called in for an interview, accepting the offer and starting off in your new position, often several months will pass. The situation in industry is quite the opposite. Industrial recruiters do not have any interest towards employees who begin work in nine months or longer than that. Usually when you are hired by a recruiter, the belief is that you will begin working as soon as possible, even the day after you have accepted the offer. Most organizations spend just around a month or a week more when selecting candidates and interviewing them so that they can be chosen for the roles that need to be fulfilled. It is known that hiring in industries is generally far more rapid in pace than academia is.

So now that you realize that significance of speed and punctuality in the professional world, you must realize how you must quicken your own space in order to accommodate and be able to stand your ground in the professional world, especially if you have just emerged from the lagging world of academia. Doing this is not that difficult. All you need to do is change your mindset and some minor changes to your work ethic and the way you go about your job search.

First of all, do not spend a long period of time when you are writing up your resume and cover letter. Most people find it difficult to write up a CV and hence they end up wasting a lot of time on perfecting their CV instead of searching and applying for jobs. You simply have to ensure that your package gives the employer an honest and clear idea of who you are as a person and an employee. This does not mean that you should not work hard on the quality of your CV and just hand in a half-way acceptable CV. It is recommended for you to get your CV made by a professional CV writing service, many of which are available online. These services are affordable and quick so that you have the comfort of not having to worry on your resume by yourself and you will be assured that it will meet professional standards. This also leaves you free to do your job searching at ease. You can submit your resume in as early as possible, which is always the best choice.

Do not spend too much time on starting up a personal website that will highlight your resume. This is a task that you should keep aside for your spare time. Do not focus on this during the time that you can spend following up to leads and searching for more jobs. If you only work on a personal website, then you will be left behind and will lose many appealing and suitable job opportunities. It is recommended that you ensure the quality of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a professional platform that many employers use to glean more information about their candidates and to get a better idea of the candidate. You can also get your LinkedIn profile up to the industrial standards with the help of many available resources that can be found online.

One of the best ways to make networking easier and faster for yourself is to create a basic template message that you can send to all the potential employers. Keep it as a brisk yet insightful introduction, and leave a space for the employer’s name. Do not simply write Sir or Madam, find out their name and call them by it. Emails tend to generate quicker responses that LinkedIn messages so it is best to reach out in an email before looking for other options. If you have already connected with them on LinkedIn then you can easily find their email address in their contact details.

If you are ever called up for an interview, then you must make sure that you are available at whatever time is suited best for the employer. If you are available at the earliest time possible, then this will show the employer that you have an enthusiastic attitude and that you have genuine interest in being selected for the role you applied for.

Once you secure your new position, set up a manageable pace for yourself. Ensure that you make steady progress on a daily basis. Always stay enthusiastic and keep a quick pace when it comes to work and you will always be successful.

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