Selecting a Resume/CV Writing Company

Why Generic Writing Companies are not Good

One of the latest trends which we have started witnessing in UAE’s CV writing services arena is the number of companies which are cropping up every other day offering CV and Resume writing services and claiming to be the top of the line companies. Now as a rule for any company to be on top or even anywhere near to be a good cv writing company is to make sure that do they have the relevant skills, tools, experience and human capital to deliver on their claims.

For a better understanding of what we are deriving at is the fact that what takes it to make you the best CV writing company not only in UAE but anywhere else in the world for that matter. Lets break it down into portions and then we will discuss each item separately

  1. CV Writers with experience in CV writing companies
  2. Latest tools and technologies to draft and weed out the best possible formats and designs
  3. Experienced panels of human resources who know how to review a CV
  4. Top class team of customer services to provide each bit of information throughout the CV writing process
  5. Make sure they don’t outsource their work and are personal with you

Resume/CV writing experienced candidates

One of the most important things to look at while choosing your CV or Resume writing company in UAE is to make sure they have the relevant people with industry and more specifically CV writing and profile writing experience. A very simple way to get this information from your service provider is to ask them whether they have people on staff who have actual experience in writing CV’s and drafting resumes. You must make sure as well that in UAE when you look to hire someone as a CV writer for you as to where they are located? You can be in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or even Qatar but this doesn’t matter as long as they have an expert team of professional CV writer. Ask the customer services or whoever you are in contact with to be brutally honest with you that my CV will be written by people who have actual experience in CV writing in UAE’s recruitment scenario and it will be like a cherry on top if your CV writing company has people who have written resumes according to industries.

CV writing Tools in UAE

When we say CV or Resume writing tools we don’t mean the automated software’s which create profiles for you on the go, remember anything for free is not worth getting. CV’s are drafted and designed using more common tools like Microsoft word, google docs and adobe photoshop (sometimes). Make sure people you take your business too will actually build your profile from scratch. Many CV writing companies in UAE use the same formats over and over again and thereby you lose the genuineness.

Always ensure before getting a cv writing service that what kind of tools they will be using?

Experienced people

When we say experienced people, we do not mean people who have experience in writing CV’s or drafting resumes. We mean people who will actually be the customers of your CV’s and resumes. YES, the HUMAN RESOURCES or the RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENTS. You would ask why this is essential in the whole CV writing process? Well the people who you propose your proposal to are the HR people and what good is your CV going to be, if you like it and your friends like it, but, the HR people don’t like it? It would completely and utterly defeat the purpose of having a CV altogether. So if your CV writing company has a panel of HR experts or gurus who review profiles for them. Then this is the best possible option you can have. Any CV writing company in UAE or even in the world which has a set of HR people to provide them with CV writing reviews and consultancy would be the choice for you. We would even like to say that if you establish this thing during your CV writing company search in UAE. Then don’t look further this would be the best and the top CV writing company in UAE for you.

Customer Service

All over the world and specifically in UAE customer services of any business let alone a CV writing company should have people who are quick to respond and at the same time when a customer has brought the service to make sure they are always reachable and respond to people. When selecting a resume writing company in UAE make sure they have a complete customer services profile. For example, do they have online chat? A number where they are reachable during working hours? Do they provide you with some credentials or an online platform where you can interact with the CV writing team? (which is ideal, but most companies don’t have that) If the answer for all the above is yes, then this is your CV writing company to get. Because any business would be best which takes care of their customers.

The big question: Outsourcing

Now most experienced people will tell you that when people start a CV writing company, the first thing they do is to hire outside help. They hire people across the internet who are willing to draft resumes in as low as 3 – 5 dollars, which roughly translates into 400 – 700 UAE Dirham. Imagine the kind of quality you would be getting by going through such a company? Always make sure that you establish this fact that your CV writers are genuine people who are actually in UAE and know what the job market dynamics are and what a job search entails in the local market. Make sure all your CV writing is done inhouse, not a single thing is outsourced.


Finally to summarize – Which is the best company in UAE for CV writing services?

Answer: Any company which have a set of professional resume writers who know how the local job market works. They have an HR panel for CV review. They don’t outsource their work and are top of the notch customer cenric. Plus they have all the relevant tools and actually know how to craft resumes and CV’s using them. If your cv or resume writing company has all of these then you are good to take on UAE job market. Good Luck!.

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