Complete Guide on How to Find Urgent Job Vacancies in Dubai

The UAE Report of LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report stated that Dubai’s job market is getting more diverse each day. Industries like security and investigation, marketing and advertising, hospitality, etc. are emerging and thriving in Dubai. This has ultimately opened doors of opportunities for thousands of employees from across the globe. Since Dubai has become a business hub for many industries and giant corporations, it has also become one of the top international destinations for job seekers.

The attraction to landing a job in Dubai is not only its lavish lifestyle, but it also means that you will be benefiting from tax-free earnings, year-round sunny weather, and access to a booming economy. Despite the numerous opportunities, many people fail to grasp the perfect job opportunity for them. The reason for this failure is the competitive and challenging job market in Dubai.

Even if we talk apart from Dubai, the global job market has become immensely saturated and condensed, which has led to a sharp rise in unemployment in several cities and towns. With such high competition, it is severely important to make yourself stand out from the crowd so that the recruiter instantly finds you as the ideal candidate for the position. Standing out from the crowd is not as easy as it sounds, but by applying appropriate and relevant techniques and strategies, you can easily land your dream job!

How to Find Urgent Job Vacancies in Dubai

Finding a job vacancy in Dubai could be a tiresome process for some, whilst for others it could be a piece of cake. However, if you also want to find urgent job vacancies in Dubai with an easy-going process, then you should follow the tips mentioned below:

1 – Never Over Apply

The first step in landing a job in Dubai is not over applying. People generally make the mistake of applying to every position they encounter on the internet, whether they are suitable for the role or not, they blindly apply for the posting. There is an assumption that the more jobs you apply for, the better your chances are to land one. However, this is not the case when applying for a job in Dubai. When you apply for too many jobs in Dubai at the same time, instead of helping you get a job, it might work against you.

No one is the right fit for every job; even if you are a salesperson, you might not be a great fit for every sales job in Dubai. Recruiters in Dubai have very specific requirements for the roles they fill. Therefore, you should always begin your Dubai job search by deciding on your target industry and positions. Pay attention to language requirements, professional qualifications, educational requirements, specific regional experience, etc., so that you can only apply for the roles you are at least 80% qualified for.

2 – Apply at the Right Time

You might be surprised to hear, but in Dubai, there are months where recruitment slows almost to a standstill, and there are even certain months where recruitment activity is very high.

January and February are considered the two of the best months for finding work in Dubai. In addition, March, April, and May are also months where recruitment activity is high. Therefore, you should focus most of your Dubai job search efforts on these months.

On the other hand, June, July, and August are the worst months for getting a job in Dubai. The summer months see a big drop off in recruitment activity. Other than that, you should also not apply for a job in Dubai on any religious holidays or other annual occasions that could affect the recruitment process.

3 – Use Websites for Dubai Job Vacancies

In this technological era, not using the internet to find a job vacancy in Dubai is almost impossible. The internet is filled with hundreds of millions of websites where you can search for vacancies in Dubai. While the internet might be a useful tool for landing your dream job, but in the process, you will surely find many scammers too.

To avoid scammers ruining your job search process, you can keep your search boundaries to the most reliable and best websites, such as,, Gulf Talent, and LinkedIn. Each of these websites has its own pros and cons, and you need to know how to get the best results from them.

4 – Partner with Recruitment Agencies

Dubai is filled with top recruitment agencies, and partnering with one or two good agencies could increase your chances of landing your dream job tremendously. Recruitment agencies in Dubai have an extensive network of connections, and those connections can help you land a great role. Moreover, if you are a foreigner looking for a job in Dubai, there is a high chance you would not be aware of many policies and tactics. However, recruitment agencies deeply understand the Dubai job market and they also help you navigate it more effectively.

Not only does a good recruitment agency help you find your first role, but they will also help you get promotions in the future if you maintain a good relationship with them. Therefore, you should not work with too many recruiters whilst looking for a Dubai job. Instead, find one or two that specialize in your industry, and make a long-lasting relationship with them.

5 – Use Dubai Job Boards

Using Dubai job boards is important, but you must learn how to use them well. Dubai Job Boards are the best way to research a company, and you can even gather a lot of useful information that could help you get the job.

The other benefit of using a job board is that you also increase your chances of getting noticed by the recruiter. Recruiters in Dubai use job boards to search for ideal candidates for various positions. By creating an attractive profile, you are more likely to get found and contacted by the recruiter.

6 – Tailor Your CV

The worst mistake candidates make while applying for the job is that they apply for different positions with the same CV. As said earlier, the job market is becoming more competitive day by day, and hundreds of job seekers apply for the same job that you are applying for. A professional CV makes you stand out among that crowd.

Recruiters don’t have time to go through each CV and evaluate whether the candidate is the right fit for the job or not. Instead, they use the ATS software to ease the process.

Applicant Tracking System, also known as ATS, is a software that employers use to manage their entire application process. The software basically breaks the CV’s content into categories and scans it for specific and relevant keywords to determine whether the job application should be passed along to the recruiter or not.

It is very important to make your CV ATS-optimized, as most recruiters use the ATS software in their hiring processes. It is not important to make an entirely new CV for each position, in fact, you must adapt the sections of your CV to make it a better match for the role. You could use job descriptions to identify the top keywords that could be included. This will also help you decide which of your relevant skills, experience, and achievements should be highlighted.

7 – Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In this digital era, LinkedIn has become the most effective platform for professionals. Therefore, you must optimize your LinkedIn profile and get active on the platform. A majority of HR professionals and recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates for the position.

To land a job in Dubai, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is one hundred percent complete and up to date. Keep in mind that recruiters and HR professionals will be searching for candidates by keywords, so you must keep your profile updated with the latest industry trends.

These seven sections of your LinkedIn profile must be completed and updated from time to time:

1. Profile Picture
2. LinkedIn Banner
3. Headline
4. About Section
5. Experience Section
6. Skills Section
7. Contact Details
8 – Local Dubai Number

Recruiters in Dubai prefer candidates who are already on the ground because if a company can recruit a candidate who is already in the country, it saves them from paying for relocation costs. Moreover, it is also less risky to hire a resident than an outsider. A local candidate is much less likely to back out of a hiring process and get cold feet about relocating. A Dubai number on your CV and LinkedIn profile sends a clear message to the recruiter that you are prepared and ready for an interview.

You can get a Dubai number very easily, but remember to take your passport with you, as you will need to present an ID to get your local number.

Wrapping Up

Getting a job in Dubai is not a frustrating and complicated process, you just need to get it right!

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